Marador covers the large dessert land of southern Trianna, and little
is known about it. It is a very mysterious land, with many many
dangerous animals and inhabitants. Only a few cities are really known to exist, such as the glass city of Mardon, or are the coastal ones that the rest of the world trades with.

Marador is ruled by a group of individuals known as the The Chain Bearers. There are, it is said, 5 of them, and they are all very powerful wizards or warlocks. Despite this rulership, most of Marador is actually quiet lawless, and most of the country is controlled by various rival tribal factions.

The main export of Marador is spices, and its stunning works of art, in all mediums from painting and sculpture to pottery and jewelry. The most beautiful weapons come from Marador, and are not only aesthetically pleasing, but of very fine quality. The blades of Marador are some of the strongest in the world, though their origins are a mystery, some believe it has to do with the smelting process of steal they use. The steal in Marador is relatively rare though, usually reserved for weapons and jewelry. Of the few Maradorians who do wear armor, they tend towards leathers and hides, or failing that, animal carapaces and other naturally found armors. Not only is metal armor seen as wasteful, but also impractical given the heat.

The fighters of Marador are usually lightly, who practice rely on speed and precision, involving great swordsmanship or use of the staff. Marador is mostly composed of Tiefling, along with numerous Humans, and various other creatures. It is
also the home of the Artisans Guild.

Religion in Marador is notably different then other countries. Long ago, Marador was supposedly a beutiful forested country. It is said that some great event turned it into a barren desert. The people of Marador, believing that the old gods had forsaken them, turned there backs on the notion of gods, and devised grand binding rituals to enslave devils to serve as there new higher powers. What most people mistake as prayer and worship are actually sacrifices and words of binding chanted to power channel altars, to ensure the binding of these devils. A saying in Marador is “We where not meant to serve gods. Gods where meant to serve us. And they will, even if they must do it in chains”.


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