Circia is probably the single most powerful country in the world and is the entire northern top of Trianna. It is a large, plain covered country ruled by the Noble King Rhubas. This country doesn’t export much, only wheat and grains that net them a small profit, but aren’t too noteworthy. Circia has, however the largest number of gold mines, where the countries dig up most of its income. Circia also has the largest standing army, and is the proud home of the The Warriors Guild Council. Most inhabitants of this country are Human, though there is a large number of Dwarves living in the south east, who came over from Taragoth to work in Circia’s gold mines. People from Circia are referred to as Circians.

The norther part of Circia is also covered by an area known as The Northern Steppes. Though not a country itself, it has a different form of goverment that seperates it from the rest of Circia.

Notable Races for Circia: Human, Half-Elf, Dwarves, with Orcs, Half-Orcs and Goliath in The Northern Steppes.

Languages include: Low East Common, High East Common, Circian, and Haldreck.

Appropriate classes: Any Martial, Any Divine, along with Wizards. The Northern Steppes also includes Any Martial, as well as Primal power source classes, with the exception of Druids.


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