Where Mountain Meets Thunder

Monastic Orders

Located on a cliff side of the tallest peak of Taragoth, “Where Mountain Meets Thunder” is an old temple dedicated to dwarves who eschew the normal life. It gets it’s name from the small monastery village on a plateau that seems to go straight from stone to clouds.

No tunnels or passages lead up through the mountain, the only way to reach it is treacherous paths and free climbing. A rope and pulley system are used for bringing up supplies and guests, but no member of the order may ever come or leave without taking the hardest path.

Unlike most dwarven societies, the dwarven monks here shave off all their hair, including beards, nor do they care much for stone working, underground living, or the general work of mining. “As dwarf bores into the earth, so does the world bore into us. To become one with the mountain, you must make yourself stronger then the mountain”. Though this saying leaves other dwarves baffled, it is rumored that the rock on top of the mountain is impenetrable. Some dwarves say this is because the monks don’t know how to properly mine, though others recognize the rumors as true, and that the monks originally settled where no other dwarf would.

Game Information:
Located in Taragoth, not directly attached to any government. Does have some connections with the dwarven church.
Paths: Way of the Open Hand. Way of the Four Elements
General practices: To strengthen oneself against outside influences, physical, mental, and societal. To improve yourself.
Guild Leader: A tall stout dwarf named Mingol
Common mantra: Ut’Karaz Or’Irkul (We are mountain, I am a pillar of rock)

Where Mountain Meets Thunder

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