Direction’s are named differently but still using N/S/E/W for abbreviated guides.

“North” is called Nightward, as that is the direction the sun sets in.
“South” is called Sunrise, as it is the direction the sunrises is.
“East” is Everfrost, where the temperatures get colder and colder the farther you go.
“West” is Woodward, as the further thing west is the elven forest kingdom of Norgartha.

The moon Dakt rises in the NW and travels to the SE, with Laath traveling for Woodward to Everfrost. (Occasionally they align over Marador)

Standard Loadstone compasses still point Nightward (North) though must people don’t fully understand exactly how they work. The further Sunrise you go the harder it becomes to get a bearing though.

There are also non-standard compasses (whether using different materials or magic) that point to different locations. The most commonly known about are a “Maradorian Wizards compass” (often referred to by others as a “Devil’s Guide”) that points to the Crystal Tower in Marador, as well as “Scout’s Needle”, which are used by the elves of Norgartha to always find their way back (though they don’t always point to the exact same place, they do at least point in the general Woodward direction).


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