360 days in a year
24 hours in a day
4 seasons
12 months
30 days/3 weeks to a month
1 week is 10 days

Based on a two moon lunar cycle, a smaller light green moon, Dakt, is full every 10 days,with a larger, blue tinted moon, Laath, being full every 30

Seasons are Frost (Winter), Foraging (Spring), Fields (Summer), Falling (Autumn).
1st week of a month is Drifting, 2nd week is called Dreaming, Third week is called Awakening.
Days are numbered 1-9 with the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 30th having their own names.
10th – The Slumber
15th – The Blind
20th – The Squinting
30th – The Eyes
Example date: A person born on the 22nd of January real world would be born on “2nd awakening in the Third of Frost”.

Most refer to the four special days without the week (“The Eyes of 3rd Fields”) or working in the week as part of the name (“The drifting slumber of 1st foraging”).

Being born on one of these days is seen as an omen (according to mystics and fortune tellers at least).

You can use Don Jon’s calendar generator and copy the following section into the “data” tab.

{"year_len":360,"events":1,"n_months":12,"months":["1st Frost","2nd Frost","3rd Frost","1st Foraging","2nd Foraging","3rd Foraging","1st Fields","2nd Fields","3rd Fields","1st Falling","2nd Falling","3rd Falling"],"month_len":{"1st Frost":30,"2nd Frost":30,"3rd Frost":30,"1st Foraging":30,"2nd Foraging":30,"3rd Foraging":30,"1st Fields":30,"2nd Fields":30,"3rd Fields":30,"1st Falling":30,"2nd Falling":30,"3rd Falling":30},"week_len":10,"weekdays":["","","","","","","","","",""],"n_moons":2,"moons":["Dakt","Laath"],"lunar_cyc":{"Dakt":10,"Laath":30},"lunar_shf":{"Dakt":9,"Laath":27},"year":561,"first_day":0}


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