Heavy Plate

Heavy Plate was originally designed by the dwarves for gate guards, later, it was re-designed for Circian Cavalary.


AC Bonus: +10
Check: -4
Speed: -2 (
Weight: 100 lb.
Cost: 200 gp.
Type: Heavy Plate
Special:Requires its own feat, can be enchanted with any enchantment allowed on Plate, with the exception of Agile (possibly others). If you take Armor Finesse or Heavy Armor Agility, the penalties are only cut in half, not ignored. (So if you have both feats, its has same check and speed penalty as Plate). Dwarves still ignore the full speed penalty.
Additionally, due to its rigidness, your reflex defense takes a -1 penalty. This penalty does not apply while mounted, if you have the Mounted Combat feat.

Heavy plate armor 4e


Heavy Plate

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