Gremwart Gliblin, "Gremmie Glitterpurse"

An officially licensed Jester who worked for Count Alinari until very recently.


Gremwart Gliblin, known to his friends as “Gremmie” and to nobles and the like as “Glitterpurse”, is a mountain gnome from Corvesa. Gremmie was born 36 years ago, and raised among a troupe of performers and tinkerers in Corvesa, and refers to himself happily as a “Tinker Gnome”. He studied the art of entertainment with his family and friends from a young age, and enjoyed making other people laugh, especially during the trying times of the war at hand. While some mocked him for studying a profession that offered no tangible benefit in wartime, Gremmie knew his was a necessary talent; any culture must have entertainment and joy to thrive, especially in difficult times, and he knew that he, in part, was helping his nation cope.

When the war was over, Gremmie was only 15 years old; barely older than a child by gnomish standards. Still, he understood his nation very well, and had grown to appreciate the freedom with which he was raised. Not just freedom from oppressive government interference, but from the Gods themselves. In Corvesa, the Gods left the people alone; they did not help, but they also did not enforce any destiny over them. Every decision Gremmie made was his own. A thought occurred to him, a thought that sprouted and eventually drove him to want to explore lands unknown; if a self-made gnome from a godless land wandered into a land of destiny, would his free nature follow him, or would he become beholden to a new destiny, forged just for him?

With the consent of his parents, and under the watch of a man known to him only as “Father”, Gremmie hopped one of the first ships out of Corvesa. On the voyage, he entertained, told stories, listened to stories, and gathered as much details about the world as he could. When he finally reached the other side of the expansive water, he ventured out on his own.

Gremwart Gliblin, "Gremmie Glitterpurse"

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